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About The Game

Our game features Portals, which are in-game spots where players collect energy to progress. They also feature partner info, inspiring players to visit these locations in real-life. It’s completely free to be listed. 

Currently, we are in the early stages of prototyping this game. Our focus is to rigorously test game mechanics and actively gather feedback from players and partners. This phase is critical in enhancing the gaming experience and
enabling players to discover sustainable locations across Singapore.

Partner Criteria

As our focus is on promoting sustainability, we have a few criteria for our partners:

Physical location

All partners must have a physical location.

Restaurants and Cafes

We will only list and accept partners from fully vegan/vegetarian restaurants. Cafes that serve mainly plant-based options and use eco-friendly utensils are also welcome.


To be listed and become a partner, you would need to sell primarily eco-friendly products. Preloved/Used/Upcycled items are great as well.

Workshops & Events

We will only list workshops and events that promote sustainable skills or have an eco-friendly theme such as gardening, upcycling, repairing items, organic farmer’s market, etc.


All NGOs are welcome to be listed and join as partners.

Tertiary Clubs

All tertiary clubs are welcome to be listed and become partners.

Other Locations

For other locations, listings and partnerships are open to places that promote sustainability, being eco-friendly and helping people.

Get Involved!

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